Make Every Ride SAFE and FUN.

Using the Moto-Comm app with a handle bar mounted smartphone makes communication with the group safe, simple and fun.


Make your rides more safe and enjoyable

The four colored squares indicate different scenarios. Just click the color you need to communicate, and all the rider group phones will flash that color along with the name of the rider who sent the alert

Log in or create an account to connect with other riders. Communicate with your group or any moto-comm app rider around the world. Share info, chat, post pictures, post invites to upcomming events, search for motorcycle shops around your area, and even purchase motorcycle gear through our search engine

Motorcycle Communication inc.

Everything you need in one app


Moto-comm makes it easy to stay safe and have fun on your ride. The app has four colored squares which indicate different scenarios. Tap RED for urgent, BLUE for low gas, GREEN for pit stop, and YELLOW for a GPS group locator. In case a rider gets lost or left behind, the group locator wil show the exact location of each rider on a map. A crash sensor will alert the group or alert 911 should anyone have an accident or drop the bike.


With moto-comm, you can connect with other riders, create group rides, and invite you friends.

Stay Informed

Turn on the notifications to stay up to date with the latest rides and rider activity


Simple and easy to use

Using the moto-comm app with a handle bar mounted smart phone makes communication with your group simple. Watch our YouTube video now youtube

Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5


It’s perfect time to join Motorcycle Communication!

Make every ride FUN, EASY and SAFE with moto-comm so you can ride like the wind without any interruptions.


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